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Are you looking for a halal brand that offers your favourite halal food? Or are you looking for businesses owned by Muslims providing halal services?

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Whether you landed here in search of a halal option or to discover more Muslim-owned (halal) businesses in Canada – and soon, beyond – this all-in-one virtual halal market directory has a wide range of listings and categories for you to pick.

Considering your needs and wishes, we provide numerous functional categories: Fashion, Food, Arts, Counselling, Automobile, Healthcare, Legal Aid, and much more.

From British Columbia to Quebec, we cover a comprehensive demographic of Canadian provinces and territories with blooming Muslim businesses waiting to be discovered by you!

So, what are you waiting for? Find halal businesses near you with a magical swish and flick!

(The marketplace is coming your way soon.)

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How Do Our Listings Work?

Finding a halal business on My Ethos Market is a piece of (halal) cake. All you need to do is navigate to the search bar. You will come across three different options: keywords, category, and location.

Enter your desired query in the keywords section. E.g., if you’re looking for a halal fast food restaurant, enter fast food in the keywords section. Conversely, you can also choose the category ‘food’ and enter your location or allow your browser to fetch your current location.

Hit the Search button, and you will be presented with all relevant halal listings in your area. Scroll through them to find your favourite place!

Make sure to make the most of the up-and-coming marketplace!

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