The Need for A Halal Business Directory

The Need for A Halal Business Directory

One might ask, “Why do you need a halal business directory?”

Are halal businesses so in-demand that there is a separate database for them?

Or are people just too lazy to find halal options near them?

Well, the answer can be a bit trickier than answering any of the above holistically.

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A halal business directory isn’t simply a list of halal, Muslim-owned ventures and businesses being marketed to other Muslims and non-Muslims. Instead, it is a much-needed facilitation for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries and struggling to find halal goods to consume and services to avail.

Here’s an anecdote.

Being a Muslim does not only mean we follow a particular book and worship a specific God. It also means that our lifestyle is based on that book. And there are certain things that God has prohibited us from consuming while others are permitted.

It means leading a life according to those rules and, more importantly, leading a life of purity and obedience. In fact, Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible.’

A few things that may be a cultural norm around the world but are prohibited to Muslims are:

  • Alcohol
  • Pork
  • Interest rates
  • Gambling

So, why is this halal directory aggregating businesses across Canada in a one-stop, easy-to-find interface?

Finding an excellent place to dine, a place to take Islamic lessons, a place to carry out Islamic financing is not as easy as it might seem to many people.

While halal certification is a thing, it is a hassle finding or verifying that stamp at every place. This is why we took a step towards helping our fellow Muslim and non-Muslim citizens quickly find and locate their desired halal products and services.

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Ranging from healthcare to food and real estate to banking, we cover various categories that can help one lead a halal life.

We double-check the authenticity of each business we host and ensure that our users the most updated  of the halal offerings.

Besides, we aim to build a secure and protected web of halal businesses to help our users gain confidence in the service providers and companies. Broadcasting a business on the directory allows users to sigh with relief and continue making their plans involving that business.

Halal business owners, on the other hand, gain credibility through this directory, and they have a stronger claim to how their halal business is conducted.

In short, we’re attempting to safeguard consumers and suppliers around us from the complications of search and trust by providing a platform that speaks for them all.

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A halal business directory is an essential asset for Muslims living in non-Islamic countries who need a quick guide to halal offerings in their vicinity.  The platform also serves to market and promote local Muslim and halal businesses, helping the community grow stronger together.

A halal business directory is not just a database or a list; it’s a community gathering. We get together here, discuss halal brands, discuss our needs, and rate the service providers and businesses for their services. In this way, we help them become more popular amongst other listings and help other users learn from our experience.

Can you imagine having to ask around for a Muslim apparel store or halal makeup when you can get it all in one place?

If you still haven’t had the chance to experience the directory as your go-to conduit, give it a try. Search for and try the cuisines, dresses, and network with the most creative minds. That’s when you’ll know why we need a halal business directory.

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