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Top 10 Best Halal Meat Shops in Canada

We list here the best halal meat shops to help you buy fresh or marinated meat at ideal prices!

As a diverse and inclusive nation, it is very important to allow groups of different religious faiths in Canada to follow their lifestyle choices and be aware of dietary restrictions they choose to have.

Halal slaughtering is a conscientious method of preparing hygienic meat and halal certification is similar to any type of food certification and audit system. What’s important is to help Canadian consumers make informed, dedicated decisions about their food choice.

In order to become a Halal-certified provider in Canada, an audit of the production facility reviews the production process for products, ingredients, and sanitation aspects of the production lines. Once registered and certified, the provider can use their halal symbol on all product labels.

Best Halal Meat Shops in Canada

There is a growing number of Canadian consumers that are opting for Halal products despite being non-Muslims. The Canadian Grocer Magazine states that the concept of halal has now extended far beyond a religious choice, also attracting consumers who are environmentally conscious (and) health-conscious.

Let’s take a look at the current top halal meat shops in Canada that have made their mark recently.

1. Al Walaa Halal Meat & Grocery

Cleanliness is of prime importance at this meat shop. The meat display is absolutely neat and all meat items are clean, perfectly packaged and not inter-mixing.

The variety includes lamb chops both organic and non-organic, mixed ground lamb and beef, organic whole chicken as well as BBQ sized organic chicken.

2. Al Madina Halal Meat & Deli

This halal meat shop offers flawless quality and care, where you are treated like family. They house an amazing meat selection and a knowledgeable, friendly staff is there to greet you with a smile on every visit. It’s the only meat store in the area that provides all kinds of meat preparation as per your specifications and that is a big plus!

3. The Halal Shop

The Halal Shop is another shop that packages the meat according to customers’ specifications thus making it so much easier to put away for storage and later use. The meat is well packaged, clean and always fresh. On top of this, their delivery service is extremely reliable and prompt.

4. iBUTCHER Fine Halal Meat & iGROCERY

Really great reviews put this store among the best. They have a big selection of fresh halal meat and different cuts. The orders are processed quickly and with great care.

5. The Savvy Butcher

Customers highly recommend this place especially if you are looking for high-quality products, and support the grass-fed, GMO-free and hormone-free industry. The quality is excellent and the owners are always ready to help.

6. Laith Meat Shop

The staff here is amazing, welcoming and pleasant to deal with. The lamb is fresh, clean, and cut to preference. Meat and chicken are are also top-notch and fresh. They harbour an awesome selection of meat cuts and assorted options like prepped kebabs and burgers. and the price is also pretty fair.

7. Richmond Halal Meat & Deli

Richmond offers an excellent service and friendly staff with good prices and great meat cuts. They sell all types of meats (lamb, beef, veal and chicken) plus some Mediterranean items like spices and even frozen food items.

We’d advise that for big meat quantities, call ahead of time to get the order prepared and to save time.

8. Moin Halal Meat & Grocery

Find almost any type of meat and cut that you need for Indian or Pakistani style cooking. You can choose from marinated steaks, chicken, fish and ribs. The dedicated owners treat you like family and the store is very clean.

They fully cater to your specifications regarding cuts and spice levels for marination. You can even place your order in advance and the prices are honestly worth the quality of the meat.

9. Alif Halal Meat & Groceries Ltd

Alif is a fairly modern grocery store with remarkably friendly service. They offer the best prices for halal meat, fresh Asian vegetables, fish and different varieties of spices. It is pretty well organized, clean, and houses a variety of products to choose from.

There is also a very rich collection of authentic Bangladeshi spices and packaged frozen foods.

10. The Meathead Store

The Meathead Store has gathered for itself a lot of praise in a short time. It is the #1 spot for antibiotic-free and hormone-free halal meat products. High-quality products are harboured here including chicken breast, marinated wings, marinated skewers, steaks, ground beef etc.

The cuts are carefully packaged and marinated products are worth investing in. The staff is always happy to guide you through any hiccup with utmost professionalism.

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