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Top 10 Best Places To Get Halal Food In Toronto 2022

1. Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine

Located on the busy 2009 Yonge St, Toronto, Tabule offers a unique twist on classic Mediterranean dishes with a fusion of flavors that satiate the taste buds.

The cozy atmosphere, friendly service, and absolutely delicious food make it one of Toronto’s most popular Mediterranean restaurants.

With frequent events including live music and belly dancing shows, there is always something going on at Tabule Restaurant.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to enjoy dinner with friends or take your family out for an amazing meal, Tabule will not disappoint!

2. Sukhothai Restaurant

Based in Toronto, Sukhothai offers a completely different take on Thai food. Visit Sukhothai’s restaurant for their famous Their Pad Thai and Prawn Masaman Curry among tantalizing dishes on the menu.

The atmosphere is upscale and trendy. Be sure to call ahead for reservations, especially if you plan on eating during peak hours on weekends.

3. The Halal Guys

Famous in the States and now in Canada, too, The Halal Guys have a pretty wide presence at their food carts.

Based out of Alberta and Ontario, the menu features gyros, chicken or beef over rice with tomato sauce and white sauce (all halal) as well as other meat-centric options like steak sandwiches and hot dogs.

If you’re looking for something lighter, there are also falafel and grilled chicken salads along with french fries (no pork fat), onion rings, and tater tots. There are some vegetarian options like hummus on pita bread. The Toronto location serves breakfast, too.

The entire menu is budget-friendly as well as tastes spectacular.

4. Delicious Shawarma and Falafel

Toronto’s Largest Middle Eastern Restaurant Serving Authentic Middle Eastern Food is located at 10-2950 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough.

The restaurant offers chicken and beef shawarmas, falafels, wraps, and platter, all for an affordable price! This restaurant is recommended for anyone looking to try some authentic Middle Eastern food that will taste amazing!

5. Karahi Point

When looking for good halal restaurants in Canada, Karahi Point is a great place to start. Serving Northern Indian cuisine and specializing in Punjabi cuisine, their menu includes samosas and other traditional offerings from all over India.

Everything at Karahi Point is halal-certified and guaranteed to be fresh every time. Customers have raved about how well they’re treated here with warm service, so that combined with its cleanliness has made it one of the best halal restaurants available.

6. Chika’s Chicken (Toronto)

This is one of the favorite restaurants to grab a fried chicken from. Whether you order the half chicken meal or the all-time favorite mild/medium OG Sando with a brioche bun and a side of Cajun waffle fries, their taste and cooking never disappoint.

Caution for the Spicy Dino-sized wings, when they say it’s spicy, they mean it! Get in touch with the staff. That’s extremely helpful if you need help deciding which level of spicy you can bear. And grab a handful of tissues as the sandwich is bound to get messy!!

7. Chen Chen’s Nashville Hot Chicken (Toronto)

Spicy. Fried. Chicken. All you need to do is head over there. This place will leave you in fried chicken heaven, and trust them when they say it will be spicy, and it will be spicy. So adjust your spice level accordingly. Szechuan Sandwich with fried chicken is an everyday favorite here.

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