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Top 10 Places To Buy Halal Nail Polish in Canada

We list cosmetic brands that are trending these days by producing the so-called halal nail polish as practical solutions for Muslim women in Canada.

Halal nail polish is increasingly popular among Muslims and non-Muslims alike! Manufactured with breathable and water-permeable formulations, they are also claimed to be healthier for your nails as they allow oxygen to pass through. Plus they’re meant to be wudhu-friendly so you can perform your prayers without having to worry about your amazing manicure!

While some manufacturers do not necessarily mention ‘halal’ in their products and simply write ‘breathable’ or ‘permeable’, other brands do carry a halal certification from a local Halal certification agency.

Places To Buy Halal Nail Polish

Time to up your manicure game with halal, breathable nail polish easily found at the following places:

1. lists a variety of halal nail polish brands on its platform. It offers a wide range of colors and types of nail polishes that you can buy. For further satisfaction, Amazon also clarifies the certification of certain brands so you can order your favorite nail polish without any worry.

2. Tuesday In Love

Tuesday in Love is a Canadian company specializing in its unique Halal Certified Water Permeable nail polish and Halal certified cosmetics. Their line of paraben-free cosmetics is made in Canada and are Halal Certified by ISNA Canada. You can get 10% off your first order! Plus they also offer you great deals every month!

3. Etsy Canada

This is another e-commerce shop for breathable, halal nail polish in Canada. Head over to and browse through a range of brands and types of nail polish to find your perfect match.

4. Desertcart Canada

Another place to get your favorite brand of breathable nail polish is Desertcart. Choose from the trending brands, colors and types of nail polish and receieve them at the comfort of your home. Glam away!


Head over to Walmart and find thousands of listings of your favorite brands and colors that are also on reduced price for now! It doesn’t get better than this!

6. Inglot Cosmetics

Inglot is one of the cosmetics brand that is trusted by customers globally. Their breathable, halal O2M nail polish comes in various shades and make for a worthy purchase,

7. Nailpolish Canada

Look through various color choices and pick your favorite nail paint at Nailpolish Canada.

8. Modestwear Canada

Modestwear Canada aims to bring the latest fashion to the world and their website lists all the trending halal nail polish colors, all under one roof!

9. Ovik store

Ovik’s Store specializes in unique products that made a difference for their clients, and themselves, too. They have a limited listing of brands and nail polish types but they are all worth their price.


One of the leading health and beauty e-commerce stores is which also houses various brands of breathable nail polish. Find the perfect fit for your next manicure at

The Debate Around Halal Nail Polish

Muslim scholars are divided over the opinion regarding the suitability of the so-called halal nail polish, and the associated requirements.

Some of them are sceptical of the entire halal nail polish idea, while others agree that it needs to be water- and air-permeable for it to bear halal claim. However, there is no substantial uniform or universal standard, which is why we see so many Halal certifiers ending up setting their own requirements.

Other Islamic requirements to bear a ‘halal’ claim include points like the product should be void of any haram or unlawful ingredients, such as porcine substances.

Halal claim on nail polish poses two major concerns: 

  • Is it actually water permeable?
  • Is it free from harmful and prohibited ingredients as per the teachings of Islam?

Both aspects are extremely important in determining whether a halal nail polish is genuinely suitable for Muslim customers or not. To prove that a cosmetic product complies with Islamic standards, the manufacturer needs to partake in rigorous tests and examinations under a reliable Halal certifier.

Lastly, Can You Perform Wudu with Breathable Nail Polish? In light of the above argument, it seems that the ability of water to pass through the nails differs between ‘breathable’ nail polish and might vary between brands. So, there is no definite answer to this question.

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