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Top 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Edmonton 2022

Here are the best halal restaurants in Edmonton for you to pick the next outing from!

Home to Canada’s largest living history museum, Canada’s largest historical park, and North America’s largest mall, Edmonton is a must-visit city if you are not already a native. It also has a vibrant theatre scene, numerous professional sports teams, and stunning architecture.

There is something for in Edmonton, from outdoor recreational activities to indoor fun. Be it shopping, dining, hiking, skating, or even skiing, everything is available in the city, making it one of Canada’s leading tourist destinations.

Apart from that, Edmonton’s Muslim population can utilize our compilation to make their dining experiences a memory to cherish forever.

Best Halal Restaurants in Edmonton

1. Turquaz Kebab House

The usual meal starts at this Middle Eastern restaurant by indulging in the complimentary yummy bread and Haydari (Turkish yogurt dip). At the same time, you order some Kibbeh (wheat balls stuffed with ground meat and onions) or Haydari.

You will be blown away by how amazing their dishes come out to be. Not to mention cooked to absolute perfection and smoking hot! Preferred entrees include the Trio Kebab platter, Chicken Thigh platter, and Two Lamb Chops on the side. Welcoming hospitality by the staff is the cherry on the cake.

2. Shiraz Restaurant & Catering Services

This homely restaurant serves delicious Persian cuisine to its customers. Their ground beef, ground lamb, steak and chicken kebab skewers are marinated with just the right blend of spices, are very tender and cooked to absolute perfection!

They are served with rice with saffron sauce and BBQ peppers and tomatoes. Just yummy! Another scrumptiously tasty dish to try here is the Baghali Polo ba Mahicheh with their house lamb gravy that will have you reminiscing over the flavour later on!

3. The Bedouins Restaurant

The Bedouins might be a small restaurant, but it is mighty in culture and flavour. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a lively and buzzing atmosphere, making dining here an AMAZING experience. Talk about feeling right at home!

Here, the favourites include the Lamb Mandi, the Tagine Chicken, and the Couscous Liebi. Everything is highly divine. From the entrees to the starter pita and hummus to the soup and salad, one word describes their entire food menu: Delicious!

4. YEG Burger

YEG knows how to make a burger! Unlike the more popular chains and the monotony in their taste, YEG burgers will melt in your mouth as their taste takes you to food heaven! Combined with the onion rings or the fried and their famous Ferrero Rocher milkshake, you are in for a hearty meal!

Customers usually love the GO2 and the Mushroom Burgers, and the Burger In The Sandwich. Give this local business a try!

5. Swiss Donair

Suppose you are looking to find a delicious donair, head straight up to the Swiss Donair. You will have a delightful experience, all well worth your bucks! Whether you try the beef or the chicken donair, the taste and portion of both will make your day.

They also have vegan and gluten-free options if you have specific preferences!

6. Rge Rd (Range Road)

Do you want to see what the chefs at Rge Rd can do? Order the ‘road trip’ to get a six-course spectacular display of open cuisine. You’ll be blown away by the flavours and will have an eclectic dining experience. All their produce is obtained fresh from farms around the Edmonton area. The menu frequently changes, so there is always something new to try.

Apart from the Road Trip, other frequented dishes include the roasted beet and pear salad and Pilatus bison. Range Road’s kitchen does know how to prepare everything exceptionally well and time out larger meals, so your experience is always a great one!

7. Yokozuna

This hidden gem turns customers away from all other Japanese restaurants in town on the first visit! They have the best Sushi at their Sushi Bar, and if your preferred Sushi isn’t available, you can even ask the chef to make it for you.

Their Dragon rolls are an absolute must, and the Tempura is fried to a crispy, perfect golden crust. They also have vegan options so everyone in the group can have a fantastic time at this quiet, clean, delightful Japanese restaurant that harbours the safest of practices in the Pandemic.

8. Best Kabab

This welcoming Turkish restaurant serves the most delicious lamb chops, chicken kabab, hummus, fries and rice. Also, their toum (garlic spread) makes everything ten times better. Finish your meal with the tea that’s on the house, and you will leave feeling fresh despite the vast portion quantity.

It would help if you also tried their Adana, iskender and kunefe as with their decent portion sizes, multiple dishes can be shared between family and friends.

9. Sunbake Pita Bakery

Sunbake bakery is a small shop located in North Edmonton that serves amazing pitas, providing both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian options. There is a wide section of pop and other non-alcoholic beverages and a designated area for assorted roasted dry fruits, baklava & other Lebanese delicacies.

They also sell freshly baked pita pieces of bread, their chicken shawarma wrapped in saj are absolute bangers, and the chicken veggie melt, fatayers and manakeesh are among the favourite buys. Head out there if you are in a hurry but want to grab a quick bite!

10. WestGate Halal Meat & Deli/ Mediterranean foods

This again is a deli/ bakery with delicious Middle Eastern food packed for taking out and the house of fresh halal meat, dips, and sauces.

Their fresh, mixed beef and lamb kafta is always a treat and their tabouli also fresh and zesty. Kebabs are also delicious, along with the shwarma that is a frequent order!

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