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Top 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Montreal 2023

With this guide of trending halal restaurants in Montreal this year, you won’t have to run around looking for a place to dine at!

Montreal or The City of Festivals is well known for its diverse cultures and happening nightlife. Canada’s second-largest city is home to a decent halal population as well and there are many options available throughout the city now that cater to the increasing demand for delicious halal cuisine.

As with all cities that we have covered, Montreal also harbours amazing restaurants that offer halal food but which of these is worth your buck as well as your time? Keep reading below and you might find your next favourite restaurant here.

1. Menthe et couscous

Menthe et couscous’s menu is pretty imaginative, creative, and wonderfully plated. From the vibrant yet cozy environment to excellent Meditteranean food made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, this joint is sure to make your experience shine. Remember to reserve a spot well in time to enjoy not only a well-balanced dinner but also a night you will remember for times to come.

What to try:

The couscous royal and the lamb tajine!

2. Abrakababra

The owner of this Lebanese eatery puts his heart and effort into serving fresh ingredients every day. The pitas served here are fresh-made and immensely delicious. He makes his own hot sauce, too which you should remember to ask for if you plan to dine here. The restaurant gives off calming vibes as you enjoy your food with its bright and clean space and beautiful blue and white decor.

What to try:

Sandwiches (gyro and chicken), Shawarma, Chicken Pita

3. Snatch Restaurant Tacos Français Et Burgers

This cute little place welcomes you with the most delicious tacos and poutine you have ever had. Their portions are very filling and unless you are nig in taking food back to your home, we’d recommend sharing with your loved ones or friends (unless you have a large appetite built up already! ). It’s an experience you will want to keep coming back for!

What to try:

French Tacos, the Tommy and the Boris wraps,

4. Biryani & Co

The perfect balance of spices to make your food experience shine! Biryani and Co do absolute justice to their Chicken and Beef biryani, as well as their BBQ items. Pipin hot, finger-lickin food is served every time you dine in there (The restaurant tends to offer to take away if Pandemic restrictions suggest so).

What to try:

BBQ chicken leg trio and Chicken Biryani

5. Chez Mon Grand Pere

A lovely little haven for Lebanese breakfast enthusiasts. All dishes are made with pure love and with a perfect blend of spices. Enjoy with your loved ones on your next trip to Montreal. You can bring in your own beer if you want to.

What to try:

Fatteh Shamiyeh, Lebanese Foul, Lebanese Terwekah

6. Mama Khan

Whether you are in for a scrumptious meal or looking for a delicious take-out, Mama Khan hears you just right! All items off their menu are so delicious you won’t stop until you drop! They have vegan options as well so it is meal time for everyone in the family or social circle! They also offer a tiffin service for lunch with free delivery to the people in the neighborhood. Also, if you order off their website, you get a10% discount.

What to try:

Peshawri Karahi, Tandoori Biryani, Chapali Kabab

7. Farrouj Express

A small eatery owned by a polite and welcoming family, Farrouj Express will take you right in the middle of Lebanon with their delicious Shawarma and Chicken and Beef plates. You will be really surprised how such a small restaurant can dish out such big flavours and even bigger flavors!

What to try:

Chicken and Beef plate, Beef Shawarma

8. Wrap Kings

What does one need when dining out? Amazing food and top-notch customer service. Wrap Kings are truly leading in both. Not only are their wraps outstanding, but their hospitality also makes you feel right at home. The staff appears so enthusiastic to prepare the food that you don’t mind waiting in the line for your food!

What to try:

Lemon chicken, Spanish rice, Wrap king wrap, Garlic potatoes with garlic sauce

9. Restaurant La Chaleur

This halal fusion restaurant serves the best Butter Chicken you’d ever try. Daily specials include the chef’s recommended dishes, saving you the hassle of pondering over the menu. Economical and delicious, this restaurant is a great place to try some yummy food with your loved ones or friends. If you pick up your order from the Uber Eats counter, you get a 15% discount.

What to try:

Butter Chicken, Lamb Griot,

10. Mazbi Restaurant

This is the most authentic Yemeni restaurant in town! Whether it’s about the taste or the decor, the owner has put decent time and effort in curating a space that gives you such a sublime culinary experience. Head over there for an amazing time and food that leaves you feeling cuddled!

What to try:

Mazbi chicken, Cheese samosas, Lamb Fahsa

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