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Full List Of Halal Restaurants in Ontario 2022

A comprehensive list of the best halal restaurants in Ontario so to go to and spend quality time with your loved ones!

Gone are the days when halal food implied getting the same Middle Eastern take-out or finding halal fast food that just didn’t hit the mark quite right. There are various places now in Ontario that not only serve certified halal food, but also deliver supreme quality and finger-lickin’ taste that you just have to go back for.

There are so many cuisines to choose from, and you can find halal food anywhere whether you crave a deep-dish pizza, sausage poutine, Chinese hand-pulled noodles, or just plain delicious kebobs. All you need to know is where to go, which place will cater to your needs, and which restaurant will leave you feeling elated.

Luckily, we have found for you the latest tending places according to the niche they belong to, so you can focus more on having an amazing dine-out or takeaway experience and worry less about spending time surfing reviews and ending up with a frozen pizza in the microwave.


There is nothing in the world that can replace the taste of desi food, especially when you are craving it insanely. Mouthfuls of delicious, fulfilling food matched by no other cuisine, desi food takes you on a culinary adventure that keeps you coming back for more. The only hiccup might feel like finding halal restaurants that serve tantalizing desi food, so here is our list of best halal restaurants in Ontario that will take you in with arms wide open and leave you with an experience unlike any other.

  • Karahi Point
  • Karahi Boys
  • Karachi Kebab (TAKEOUT)
  • Badshah Geill
  • MyKolachi
  • Cafe De Khan (Highly Recommended)


Just the comfort food we all need, often at the oddest of times, too (we are guilty). Head out to these amazing restaurants that put together the juiciest of burgers in town!

  • Burger Factory
  • Top Gun Burgers
  • Gladiator
  • Broast Inn (Limited Seating, Waffle Sandwich is highly recommended, Customize Spices beforehand!!)


You are a true fried chicken fan if just reading this word brings a crunchy sound to your mind. Few places do it well, though. and even fewer have certified halal meat at their outlets. But these restaurants have got your back! Head over there and enjoy delicious fried food with economical deals!

  • Popeye’s
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Mary Browns


If you had asked the common people sometime back, they wouldn’t have had Persian food or even know about it, but now, it has become a favorite cuisine for many. Our personal favorite is this restaurant that cooks Persian food just right!

  • Shumal (Ideal for formal sit-downs)


Turkish food has just the right balance when it comes to spices, and is enjoyed the world over by many. Not only are the ingredients full of nutrients but the entire dish is light, appetizing, and rich, yet fills you up heartily. Crispy baklava is a cherry on the cake. These are our favorite Turkish halal restaurants in Ontario.

  • Istanbul Kebab House
  • Sultans (Downtown Branch)


Middle Eastern cuisine revolves around fragrant, copious spices with nuts, olive oil, and creamy elements. Traditional meats used in the dishes are Mutton, lamb, and goat and the Middle Eastern food attracts people who like to enjoy healthier options. Dishes are accompanied by salad, and the main dishes are nutrient-rich and grilled instead of being fried. Restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine have been on the rise over the past few years, and the following are the ones that we recommend!

  • Monsaba (Traditional Lebanese Cuisine)
  • Roman Zaman (Highly Recommended)
  • East Tea Can (Iraqi Cuisine, Highly Recommended)
  • Masrway Grill (Traditional Egyption Cuisine)


The Afghan cuisine is rich in taste, healthy with appetizing, fragrant dishes. Neither too spicy nor too sweet, Afghanistan’s prominent flavor is among the favorites in customers.

  • Naan Kebab
  • Watan Kebab


Light in fats and unhealthy calories, Continental food is all about ingredients like olive oil, wine, herbs, and minimal spices. Head over to these locations and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones.

  • Haze Lounge
  • Affy’s
  • BlackStone (THE place for Steaks, Beware when taking along kids!!)


Craving a cup of tea or snacks like samosas, or even BBQ? Ontario has these places where you can spend a nice time with your loved ones on any casual day.

  • Larri Adda
  • Yeh Cheez


No one is a stranger to the peculiar Chinese cuisine. Packed full of flavor, fulfilling yet light, these dishes are not so easy to get right by many. Fortunate for you, these halal restaurants in Ontario do justice to Chinese cuisine and will leave you with a wonderful experience!

  • Royal Jasmine
  • Hakka Ren
  • Asian Wok & Roll
  • A1 Hakka (Spicy!!)
  • Chilli Chicken
  • Magic Taste of China (Northern Chinese Cuisine, Downtown Branch)


Thai food is unique because of its contrasting flavors hot spices are often paired with sweet, light citrus flavors like lime and mango. … The layered flavors of Thai food make each dish feel completely unique and is what sets it apart from dishes in other Asian cuisines

  • SukhoTHAI
  • Chaing Mai
  • Spoon and Fork (Has a tasting menu)


No meal is complete without a dessert. Keep it simple and just enjoy a good sweet dish at one of these places!

  • Bang Bang Ice Cream
  • Dutch Dreams
  • Toms Dairy Freeze (Recommended for kids)
  • Dairy Cream
  • Murphy’s

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