Halal Pepperoni Brands in Canada
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Top 10 Halal Pepperoni Brands To Get in Canada 2022

Find halal pepperoni easily at these top 10 places we have found for you.

Planning to make a homemade pizza or sandwich at home, and your ingredients list requires halal pepperoni? We know this becomes a hassle when time’s of the essence. Nothing gets in the way of a fun family gathering than a hard-to-find ingredient, especially when there are no particular listings to go through.

Before we list our findings, it is important to understand the difference between halal pepperoni and regular pepperoni. While some foods can pass off as consumable in certain situations, foods and ingredients that are declared haram are in no way consumable (unless it is an extreme distraught situation warranting extreme measures). Let’s understand how these two types of pepperoni differ from each other.

What Is The Difference Between Halal Pepperoni And Regular Pepperoni?

The term “halal food” refers to foods permissible under Islamic law. Halal meat can not be from a forbidden cut like the hindquarters or from a forbidden animal, such as a pig (Pork is considered unhealthy for humans in Islam as it contains potentially harmful bacteria and has traces of animal by-products).

To understand whether pepperoni is halal or haram (forbidden), let us first understand how pepperoni is made. Cut down into smaller pieces from sausage, and this deli meat is made from a mix of beef and pork. The meat is dried, cured, and spiced, and to achieve the correct meat to fat ratio of 70%/30%, butchers and companies making pepperoni use the right cuts.

These are usually a steak or brisket, never the hindquarters. Often, pepperoni is made with chemicals and natural preservatives that are also considered haram. For instance, gelatin, which is sometimes found in pepperoni, is forbidden by the Islamic religion as its source is often unknown and may be derived from pigs. proper halal pepperoni shouldn’t contain any other ingredients and chemicals forbidden by Islamic law.

These include but are not limited to gelatin, food colorants, lard, and pepsin. Typically, the “halal” label implies no haram ingredients were used, but it’s also worth double-checking the ingredient list.

Halal Pepperoni Brands in Canada

Now that we’re clear about the difference let’s see the top 10 places to get your hands on halal pepperoni in Canada, even at short notice.

1. Walmart

The first place you can find halal pepperoni is the Walmart chain. Stores throughout Canada house various halal brands to choose from, sometimes even offering deals. You can go to the nearest Walmart store and grab a bag of halal pepperoni, but for the article, we mention the main store.

Location: Toronto Stockyards SupercentreStore #1004. 2525 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

2. Costco

Next up is also a grocery chain, Costco. The nearest store to you stocks halal pepperoni from different brands, so if you need it, just visit them.

Location: 1405 Blair Towers Pl., Toronto

3. Halco Foodworks

Halco is based in Scarborough and has a standard bag available as Halco Sliced Pepperoni 2X2kg.

Location: 1210 Markham Rd, Scarborough

4. Capital Fine Meats

Capital Fine Meats is another halal brand in Edmonton that makes halal pepperoni from beef. IT is available as Halal Pepperoni.

Location: 12907 57 St. NW, Edmonton

5. Taqwa Halal

Two types of pepperoni are available under the Taqwa Hala brand. First is plain pepperoni at $4.69 for a 1 x 180gm piece. The other is the Pepperoni Stick at $6.99 for a 1 x 180 gm piece. Their shop is at two locations in British Columbia.

Locations: Taqwa Newton, 7165 138th Street Surrey, BC, Taqwa Strawberry Hill, 7450 120th Street Surrey, BC

6. One World Halal

One World Halal features halal pepperoni as one of their halal deli items at their online store

7. The Meathead Store

You can get a 200 g bag of their Meathead Smoked Beef Pepperoni for $4.99 online or by visiting their store.

Location: 9-1210 Markham Rd. Toronto

8. Midamar Halal

Midamar Halal has a 5lb bag of Halal Sliced Beef Pepperoni for $72.99 at their stores and online on their website and other grocery chain’s webpages.

Location: 1105 60th Ave SW Cedar Rapids

9. Shahir Halal

Shahir Halal doesn’t make halal pepperoni, but they have it available in pizza toppings as All Beef Pepperoni Toppings pack weighing 200g.

Location: 1651 Patrick Street, Richmond, BC.

10. Solmaz

Solmaz is widely available in multiple grocery chains as we as online. Their product Halal Sliced Beef Pepperoni costs $4.99 for a 200g pack and $26.99 for a bigger pack.

Location: 16 Jutland Rd, Etobicoke

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