The Great Canadian Pizza & fried Chicken Calgary, established in 1999 in Calgary, Canada. We are getting successful and expanding day by day because of our excellent customer service and delicious Pizza’s at best prices. In last 15 years we have established 10 pizza stores in various locations within Calgary and continue growing.Not only that our pizzas are bigger than some of our competitors, but the fresh ingredients we use on our pizzas are top quality.The Great Canadian pizzas are packed with delicious toppings like real steak, real chicken, fresh mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, succulent shrimp and our own range of special sauces. We have traditional pizzas for those who like to stick to what they know, but our advantage is that we give you the customer the freedom to create your own delicious pizza but allowing you unlimited toppings! There’s something for everyone – vegetarians, meat eaters, Halal and everyone in between!


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