Named after the beautiful, ancient Arabian city, Madina Fine Foods proudly offers modern cuisine made using authentic methods. Adhering to the highest standards in food production, Madina carefully crafts products flavoured with International flair.

Madina Fine Foods adheres to the strictest of standards in producing their Halal products, closely inspected by the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA). All non-meat ingredients in MadinaŹ¼s prepared foods are also certified Halal.

Madina has been producing and delivering fresh poultry for 35 years and prepared meals to Ontario retailers for over 20 years. Equipped with their own fleet of vehicles, Madina is the only company delivering fresh Halal poultry daily to the Metro Toronto area, and weekly across the province from Windsor to Ottawa. Madina is the only company to oversee total production of their large selection of fresh poultry and frozen foods, including breaded chicken, beef burgers, flatbreads, and single-serve pastas, making them the #1 choice for North American families.


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