Turkish bakery chain selling breads, sandwiches and cakes. Simit Sarayı had launched the first chain store pastry-café in Turkey and has been an establishment working with all its might for simit, one of Anatolia’s traditional food, to gain the value it deserves and has also been the carrier of the banner of flavors to introduce some of our traditional tastes to the world. When we started out in 2002 we had only one desire: To serve fresh bagels to our guests anytime of the day. We wanted everybody to taste our traditional flavours and to spread it first to Turkey and then to the whole world.Everything started with the first bagel we baked in our first store in Mecidiyeköy. We were so excited to welcome our guests. Our bagels were always warm and fresh and you never let us feel alone. In time, the love of our customers spread to the whole country because the most important ingredient in our dough was friendship.


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