Bellingham’s first Halal Indian cuisine. The world is consumed by amazing palates and brilliant culinary arts, in 2015 we have access to the most diverse food culture than ever before! Indian food is not only a major craze in the world, but it has a rich history that only few cultures can compete with! Great Britain alone consumes more Butter Chicken than the entire world EVERY WEEK! Now this food is beginning to make its mark in the American continent, no more do you have to go searching for the tastes of India! We are now in the Northwest ready to give you what you want. Near Western Washington University, right off the freeway. Please, don’t waste any more gas and time driving miles out to other cities… We have finally opened up a place that YOU can honestly say is AUTHENTIC INDIAN FOOD. We appreciate your time, and will always cater to your every needs! God Bless the United States of America! With Love,


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