We set out with a simple premise. Create a restaurant with fresh and flavorful Indian food that is also fast and affordable. Serve it in a casual, modern space with stellar customer service. Make it as convenient as possible, whether you’re enjoying a relaxing meal on our patio with a glass of wine, or grabbing take out using our online ordering system. And, run it as environmentally friendly as we can. Our first store opened in Austin in 2009, and from that moment on, our guests have been almost as passionate about Tarka as we are. We had lines out the door, but couldn’t make the food fast enough. Struggling to keep up, we scrambled to redo our menu countless times before we finally found the right balance of curries, kabobs, biryanis, and freshly baked flatbreads. And we paired the food with great drinks like mango lemonade and fresh fruit lassis.


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