‘All the people of the world can be put into two categories: those who have had the platter, and those who have not.’ For years masses of people have been flocking to the corner of 53rd & 6th (7:30PM – 4AM) to satisfy their hunger with simply the best meal in the City. Some people call it the ‘Platter’ while others know it as ‘Chicken & Rice’, the ‘Chicken Guy’ or the ‘Gyro Spot.’ Part of the secret to this delicious meal is in the white sauce. Nobody knows what it is, but everybody knows to ask for lots of it. They have their own sweatshirts and bags. The sweatshirts are bright yellow with two concentric red circles in the middle with words between the circles that read: “The Best Halal. Delicious. 53rd and 6th. Chicken and Gyro.” Across the circle is a bar that reads: “The Best in New York.” The same design appears on their bags, which are also bright yellow. A second cart resides across the street from the original cart, on the south-east corner of 6th Avenue and 53rd Street. In contrast with the original cart, this cart is open both during the daytime and at night (approximately noon to 5 am, with a cook switch at 7 pm). During the day. The cart also offers falafel and kofta from time to time. Contrary to some skeptics, that cart is run by the same owner.


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