Also known as the Thompson Mosque, this is Manitoba’s most northern and remote mosque, located in the city of Thompson, Manitoba. There has been a strong Muslim presence in Thompson for over 40 years. However, there has never been a masjid. The Muslim community in Thompson, who are now represented by the Manitoba Islamic Association – Thompson Chapter (MIA-TC), had wanted to build a Mosque for decades, but the project fell through every time. For 40 years the Muslim community only prayed Juma’ and recently that was in a basement of an old church. On February 18th of 2007, Dr. Hussain Guisti, his wife Dr. Susan Ghazali and Dr. Hisham Tassi, all residents of Thompson, formerd a new Corporation with the goal of acquiring charity status, called the Zubaidah Tallab Foundation. The goal of this new corporation was to build a masjid in Thompson.


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