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Is Costco Meat Halal?

The holiday season is here and it calls for get-togethers with family and friends. No event is complete without a table full of scrumptious food. Although finding halal meat tends to become a struggle, the favorite family grocery chain Costco meat is mostly halal, and carefully labeled on the particular items if it’s not.

As Muslims living in countries where they are not in a majority, acquiring halal meat from certified resources is a tedious but necessary task. One needs to have complete satisfaction before one can consume any form of halal meat.

While most of the big food brands do not offer halal meat at most of their branches, some do cater to Muslim majority areas and provide halal chicken and meat products.

Very few food brands care to go the extra mile and stock up halal meat at any or all of their outlets. Costco is one of the rare brands that is trusted among its customers. It has a wide variety of meat products that come individually packed and labelled.

We have gathered their individual reviews for our readers in this blog so that if anyone is on the lookout for halal meat, they can utilize our guide and end up saving their time and effort.

Is Costco Chicken Halal?

Costco has a number of chicken products from a whole chicken to skinless chicken, various cuts, drumsticks, boneless breast pieces, mince, wings, and frozen food items like chicken tenders, nuggets, and even rotisserie chicken and biryani. Packaged sausages are also available, and all the chicken products are from various brands that choose to shelf them at Costco.

The store promptly mentions on their mince products that they are processed at the same plant where pork is also treated, so the customers in need of halal mince products should exercise caution.

Is Costco Beef Halal?

Costco not only shelves beef but a myriad of halal meat types throughout their chain of stores. Different types of cuts of lamb, goat, and beef are available from lean ground meat, to steaks and strip loin, cubes, and chops, you can get all of these products in vacuum packaged, ready-to-cook forms.

As with the chicken mince, lamb and beef mince are also handled at the same area where pork is handled so caution is strongly advised.

The good thing is that all these warnings come from the store as well, ensuring customer satisfaction with all honesty and sincerity.

Is Costco Turkey Halal?

With such a wide range of meat available, it is no surprise that Turkey meat products are also available at Costco. Different brands have stocked many turkey products like the whole turkey with and without skin, drumsticks, sliced and bacon products, and turkey sausages as well.

Vacuum sealed packages ensure the safety and freshness of the turkey meat for the complete satisfaction of Costco’s customers. All meat is resourced from certified suppliers and one can always seek clarification at any branch to make sure no doubt remains in consuming the products.

Our Verdict

It is safe to say Costco is very much halal and safe to consume.

For the relief of halal meat consumers, we are happy to report that not all, but a majority of meat types are available as certified halal products at Costco’s food store chain.

In response to an email to Costco Member Care, the following reply was sent: “Thanks for your email. Please see the below breakdown of our products at this point in time:

  • Costco deli: our fresh chicken is all halal
  • Rotisserie chicken: halal
  • Chicken: all the pre-packed meat is halal
  • Lamb: Leg and rack is halal
  • Lamb cutlets: Not halal (we process this in our meat department , where we also process pork)
  • Beef: Vaccuum packed beef is all halal
  • Beef is halal but then process this in our meat department, where we also process pork)
  • Beef mince: Not halal (as we process in our meat department where we also process pork)
  • The beef halal certification logo is on the box.
  • The lamb has the halal certification logo on the Kirkland packaging.
  • The chicken does not have the halal certification logo on the packaging but we do have the certificate on-site at each warehouse”.

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