Is KFC in Canada Halal

Is KFC in Canada Halal?

We can tell you are a KFC fan if you are reading this. We are, too! High Five! Read on to see the company’s official take on this matter.

It is hard to find KFC outlets that serve halal meat, so we have to wait to visit our family and friends or plan a trip to Muslim majority countries where the entire menu is based on halal meat. 

The company’s official take on two separate forums, Facebook and Twitter, was that “That’s not the case[..] KFC does not offer Halal in our restaurants. To learn more about the high-quality Canadian chicken that we freshly prepare in our restaurants every day, visit”.

Caution was, thus, advised to the customers that preferred halal chicken or meat when ordering food.

This was their official take until recently when My Ethos Market announced three KFC sites that were offering halal meat:

  1. KFC 645 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, ON
  2. KFC 999 Upper Wentworth Street, Hamilton, ON 
  3. KFC 100 Bayshore Drive, Ottawa, ON.

Even though they offer the halal option, as halal meat requires special handling and care while preparing and cooking, customers were not very happy with the product. Being used to juicy, tender meat o the inside and perfectly crispy coating on the outside, the halal products were dry and tasted different.

Some of the customers did not even buy the claims of being certified halal and chose not to consume anything. Its critical issues with customer service make other leading fast-food companies stick to their standard, non-halal products as offered in other branches around the globe. 

Have you found any other branch that serves a halal menu that has better taste? Let us know in the comments!

KFC in Canada serves halal?

Negative! Tough luck, right? Don’t worry, we have plenty of listings of certified halal restaurants that will satiate your appetite. 

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