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Is Mary Brown’s Halal in Canada?

The little joys of life knowing Mary Brown’s is halal in multiple branches are seldom matched by any other feeling in the world.

Mary Brown’s is one of the most famous fast-food chains in Canada. We don’t think there is any Canadian who hasn’t had a taste of Mary Brown’s chicken yet. The restaurant has been up and running since the first steps were taken on the moon in 1969. The franchise now has more than 140 locations in Canada, doesn’t that sound impressive?!

Fun fact: Mary Brown’s was formerly known as the Golden Skillet but then the founders changed it to Mary Brown’s in 1970 to honor the woman whose recipe set them on a path to blazing success. Mary Brown’s is famous for using healthy chicken raised on Canadian farms in a safe and sustainable environment. Mary Brown’s specify on individual branches that they provide halal chicken so their Muslim customers can enjoy the goodness too.

Mary Brown’s Needs No Introduction

Mary Brown serves scrumptiously delicious food which is healthy too. Their delicious menu is suitable for both adults and kids alike. No one can stop themselves from indulging in their juicy and tender chicken that is cooked to perfection, all with natural spices and flavors.

Mary Brown has this huge and cozy dining interior where everyone loves sharing a bite with their loved ones. It scores a perfect 10/ 10 for the indulging ambiance as well as for the brilliantly friendly customer service. Their well-trained staff is cooperative and caring, and they will make you feel almost as comfortable as being in your own space, while you have the best chicken in town.

Some Of The Best Items In Mary Brown’s Menu

What makes a hot, succulent, and crunchy chicken being served to you even more special? Mary Brown’s special items on the menu have a chicken and buffalo wrap that tastes ridiculously good. It has massive chicken/ buffalo chunks marinated with a special recipe and then deep-fried to a perfect golden crisp. It is then served plated with fresh veggies and an oven-baked wrap.

The other delicious item on the menu is the chicken Pop that serves as a quick hunger fix. There are kid’s deals and a variety of combos. Before calling it a day, do not forget to try their two-bite heavenly brownies!!

The Verdict

We are happy to report that majority of Mary Brown’s branches are certified halal. You can ask for the certification from the office anytime you visit the restaurant.

This excerpt comes from their very own website: ‘Mary Brown’s is pleased to announce that our menu is now 100% Halal Certified at many of our Canadian locations’, Enough said!

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