Is Popeyes Halal In Canada
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Is Popeyes Halal In Canada?

If you are a foodie that is apprehensive of consuming non-halal products, we are here to save you from trouble.

This blog is about Popeyes, so you should be delighted to know that the brand serves certified halal chicken in some of their restaurants in Canada, and all of their meat is sourced from the same supplier. The only difference that causes a conflict is that Popeyes has shifted from hand-slaughtered to machine-slaughtered chicken a few years ago.

If your sect isn’t clear about consuming machine-slaughtered chicken, get a fatwa from the nearest scholar available. Or avoid consuming such meat until you get a clear consensus about it. The majority of the Muslim customers in the GTA are satisfied with dining at Popeyes, though.

So what really is the difference between hand and machine slaughtered chicken and should you really be that worried? Let us take you through the process and help you get clarity on the matter. 

Islamic difference between Hand Slaughtered Chicken and Machine slaughtered Chicken

Some scholars hold the lenient view that all meat is Halal as long as you recite “Bismillahirahmaniraheem” on it before consuming it, while others strictly hold the hand-slaughtered meat as halal and lawful.

Among the differing viewpoints, slaughtering an animal by hand is the universally acceptable method accepted by all scholars regardless of their sect, as it leaves no doubt to the halal status of the meat.

The rapid progress in modern technology has led to the invention of the Machine-slaughtered and is accepted in a lot of Muslim countries around the globe, although caution is advised to give due preference to the hand-slaughtered chicken. Although you may have your own personal opinions, it is not advisable in any circumstances to force them on another Muslim. 

Before either of the slaughtering processes is carried out, stunning is a legal mandate and is continually monitored to ensure that animals do not sustain an injury or suffer from pain. On average, the line speed at the hand-slaughtering unit allows one Muslim worker to slaughter almost thirty birds per minute, while the machine-slaughtering allows one Muslim worker to handle almost two-hundred birds per minute, and is accompanied by a few more team members working the same shift.

With these details in mind, one can ascertain if the chicken being served is halal or not. Also, if you check the items on the menu, you can guess if you are being served halal dishes as any franchise that serves pork in any form can not ensure halal meat, no matter what they claim.

As Popeyes does not serve any dish containing pork, one can be somewhat satisfied that the meat they are consuming is certified halal. Asking the restaurant staff is always the safest bet, though. 

Is this information helpful? Do you have more comments to add to it? Let us know in the comments section. Until next time!!

Our Verdict!

It is better to be safe and ask the franchise for their take to be on the safe side!

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