Best Halal Pizza in Ottawa

Top 5 Best Halal Pizza in Ottawa To Try in 2022

Choose from much halal pizza in Ottawa and refresh your routine with delicious dine-in or takeaway pizza.

Welcome back to our blog that features the best restaurants that are certified halal and so delicious your plates will go back squeaky clean.

Our focus today is on pizza. Everyone loves it. It is the perfect comforting food there ever is (after fries, if I may offer my biased opinion).

However, finding halal pizza at the last minute with everyone going hangry in the car becomes a struggle. So we have found the perfect options to help curb the hunger pangs.

1. Mediterranean Bakery and Pizza

Dishing out hot, crisp pies and cheesy pizza, Mediterranean Bakery and Pizza takes you to the middle East with homely yet delicious flavors.

Whether you want to try the Zaatar pie or the Chicken Pizza, add your own topping and munch on oven-hot food that is baked to perfection.

The cherry on the cake? There are vegetarian options to pick from, so everyone in the group gets to enjoy the meal!

Things to try:

  • XL Pizza 3 Toppings and 20 Wings $41.99
  • XL Donair Pizza $27.99
  • Zaatar pie $3

2. Chili Craft Pizza

Satiate your curry cravings the Italian way. Craft your own pizzas or choose from halal classic, classic vegetarian, or Indian style pizzas with a side order of wings.

The tandoori chicken, paneer vegetarian, and butter chicken flavors are among the favorites that regulars love to order.

No one feels left out as the menu is all-inclusive and offers certified, halal meat as toppings on pizza and in the burgers, sandwiches, and side orders.

The staff is super helpful and makes you feel welcome. So go fire up those taste buds with the spice at Chili Craft Pizza!

Things to try:

  • Pepperoni’s Classic Combination Pizza (All Halal) $15.79
  • Meat Explosions Pizza (All Halal) $17.29
  • Craft your own pizza $10.99

3. Halal Pizza

Are you a fan of small businesses that offer amazing products? Do you like to experiment with your taste and try new places? If yes, then people like you did the same and discovered this little family-owned haven that serves flavorful pizzas.

You can customize the toppings, although Meat Lovers, Ground Beef, and BBQ Chicken are pretty popular.

For vegetarians, Veggie Lovers is a must-try. Decide the crust and cheesiness of your pizza and indulge in a warm meal that comforts you like no other.

Things to try:

  • Chicken Pizza $12.99
  • Vegetarian Pizza $13.99
  • House Special Pizza $14.99

4. Royalty Pizza and Subs

Few things sell food more than it tastes, and the topmost is hospitality. This pizza restaurant takes pride in offering great flavors and an ambiance that makes you take even long drives to reach their location.

The menu is halal, and the Meat Lovers and Royalty Special are frequently ordered. The wings on the side are cooked to perfection, and the garlic dip is just so well balanced.

More than that, they also offer burgers, subs, and pies, which are all worth ordering again. The price is also set at a competitive yet economical range, so the wallet is not too burdensome.

5. Say Cheese Pizza and Poutine

The absolute group hangout place! Plan a family dinner or hang out with your friends. Have an office party or just a casual get-together.

Say Cheese Pizza and Poutine has the options of 10”, 13” and 15” pizzas that can be totally customized as per your requirements.

Have it your way or trust the restaurant and pick from their menu. Either way, you are in for a fun night out that is pack full of flavor.

Their pizzas are baked to perfection and have halal meat in the toppings (as well as in the rest of the menu). So head out for a fun meal that will satisfy your taste buds.

That’s about it. There is a new business in town every other day while some old ones also make amazing comebacks, so if you think we need to know about those, leave a comment for us! Be safe!

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