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Top 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Vancouver 2022

Plan a dine-in or takeaway from the 10 best halal restaurants in Vancouver this year.

Being the 4th most liveable city in the world, Vancouver is bound to host delicious cuisines from around the globe. While many options out of those are not to be tried if you follow the halal lifestyle, worry not, we still have a list of restaurants that serve mouthwatering food to the citizens of Vancouver.

Best Halal Restaurants in Vancouver

1. Saba Foods Yemeni Restaurant

This eatery has been around since 1997 and it still gets 5-star reviews! Need more reasons? The price for portion size is absolutely justified and the lamb especially is cooked to absolute perfection and taste so this is THE place if you want to try out authentic Yemeni and Middle Eastern cuisine!

2. Mr. Shawarma Food Truck

You can find this truck right by the Pacific Centre if you are looking for a quick bite without waiting long. The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and the Cheese Burger are common favorites as is the Chicken Shawarma. All the items on their menu are certified halal and yummy!

3. Manoush’eh

Fresh Middle Eastern food straight out of a stone oven and prepared right in front of your eyes!!! This small eatery should not fool you for its size, for what it lacks in size, it makes up for in taste. Owned by a humble couple, Maoush’eh is bound to leave you asking for more yet filling you to the brim with their delicious flatbread, labneh, sham style cheese, and knafeh. What’s even better is that vegans can equally enjoy their menu with their tasty dishes!

4. Karakoram Restaurant

Satiate those desi cravings for Pakistani food at this absolutely tantalizing and famous restaurant. The chicken karahi is killer and their K2 platter which is a mix of beef and lamb kababs is extremely yummy as well. The Chicken tikka boti and Lamb boti are also cooked to perfection and while other restaurants fail to dish our soft and fluffy Naan, Karakoram plates up fresh, good sized, and great tasting naan! Other favorites include Haleem and Nihari!

5. Mezze Uyghur Cuisine

If you are a fan of spicy food then this Uyghur restaurant will serve you just right. Try their Chicken Meefan which is like udon noodles in a spicy shredded chicken and celery sauced noodle dish. Finish the meal with a slice of their perfectly balanced Honey Cake that has customers coming back for more, literally! The price is justified by the use of fresh ingredients and local halal organic Chicken to cook their meals.

6. Indus Grill & Bar

Indus Grill & Bar serves authentic Indian snacks like Samosas and main course meals like Chicken Butter Karahi without compromising on taste. The ambiance suits their delicious food with options to dine-in at the patio too. If you are craving Indian food and want a good deal for your money, this is just the right place to be at!

7. Gotham Steakhouse and Cocktail Bar

Whether you end up choosing the bone-in rib steak or the clam chowder and oysters, every dish on their menu is surprisingly delicious and cooked to absolute perfection. The organic green salad comes as a balanced side and so does the highly recommended Cheese toast!

The service is among the best here and all the waiters actually know the menu inside out! The cherry on the cake at your meal here comes in the form of Belgian Chocolate Bourbon Cake. Bon appetite!

8. Jambo Grill Tandoor & Paan House

This restaurant is a mix of Indian and South African-inspired cuisine with some really amazing dishes on their menu!! The ribs are awesome and just fall right off the bone and for what it is worth, the spice isn’t burn-your-mouth!! Every dish is well-balanced, flavorful, and really easy on the palate.

The Jungle rib and the Boneless rib come with 2 two sides and the Cassava fries are a favorite among returning customers. Their Mishkaki (Grilled meat) is tender and soft, as is the lamb biryani which is just bursting with flavor. The pili pili chicken is a favorite, too. Finish it all off with their Masala Chai!

9. Moltaqa Moroccan Restaurant

The food here is an explosion of flavors and features tender meat from lamb to duck and seafood, with carefully prepared and seasoned vegetables. The saffron lemon drop is among the best drinks here with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. Other favorite dishes are the Halal lamb tagines and the seafood pastilla. You have got to finish your Moroccan meal with the Moroccan mint tea served authentically as if you’re in Morocco!!

10. Superbaba

This is a takeaway eatery but their bowls and wraps are so delicious you will be coming back for more. Their falafel is crispy and not dry, with accompanying sauces equally delicious and complimenting them well.

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