Halal Burger In Canada
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10 Best Places To Get Halal Burger In Canada

These 10 best halal burger places are just the right fit to get the comfort food than a good, juicy burger is!

Gone are the days when finding a good burger or even an okay-ish burger meant trotting towards McDonald’s or KFC only. There are many new joints that offer a variety of burgers with as many techniques involved to curate them. This means consumers now not only get more options to choose from, but they even get a culinary experience at somewhat affordable prices!

From sesame seeds sprinkled on freshly baked buns to farm-fresh produce lining their insides, and delicious meat cooked to perfection, there hardly is any restaurant with burgers on their menu whose end product isn’t a pleasure to indulge in. Today’s write-up has the top 10 best halal burger restaurants for you to satisfy those cravings. Take along your loved ones or have a get-together with your friends. These places are sure not to disappoint!

1. The Burgernator

The Burgernator has perky names for their equally delicious burgers, which are BIG in size! Soft buns and flavorful burger patties are their trademarks and they really serve fresh, ‘real’, halal burgers at an affordable price! FOr the fans of the juiciest burgers cooked to perfection, The Burgernator is definitely worth a try. Their best includes The Baconator Burger and the Burgernator Fries.

2. Hero Certified Burgers

The burgers are no doubt good but their special hero sauce is what makes this place different than others. The prices are on the higher side but they have a multitude of options, they have certified halal food and even the vegans can enjoy a hearty meal here with the vegan fish & chips, vegan veal, vegan chicken nuggets, etc.

3. Hangry Burger

Their tagline “WHAT’S YOUR BEEF?” is as eye-catching as their burgers are. Made from premium beef patties, and fresh produce, the burgers are well-balanced in terms of the beef to sauce ratio and leave you wanting more. It might be a small joint but their friendly customer service is a huge plus point and makes customers return, time after time. Their meals are halal, pretty economical and the favorites include the Triple Threat Burger and the Trouble Burger.

4. Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

Barcelos is famous for its grilled chicken and their Nando’s style peri-peri sauces, but their burgers are equally delicious. The Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich is a common favorite, and vegans have multiple options to choose from as well. Win-win? Yes!

5. Burger Factory

Burgers at Burger are made fresh and use natural ingredients plus fresh Premium Beef grounded in-house daily. All flavors offered are cooked perfectly, assembled right from scratch, and specially seasoned. You can dress your burgers up however you like with toppings of your choice even.

6. Central Bergham

If you’re hungry for a burger high protein and perfect for satiating those late-night cravings, this is the place to be! The burgers and sandwiches feature layers upon layers of (halal) meat with cheese, egg, and sauce stuffed together to deliver all the right flavors.

7. The Burger Alley

Located in Scarborough, this burger joint is a haven for Harry Potter fans. Not only that, their gourmet burgers are to-die-for! All halal beef and chicken burgers are prepared using mouthwatering gourmet ingredients and the special homemade aiolis. There are also vegan and vegetarian options on the menu that are equally delicious. “At The Burger Alley, we strive to be your favorite, authentic, and best burger place in town.”

8. Chicken World

Located in Downtown Vancouver, this simple fast food joint makes tasty burgers and fried chicken that is an economical and delicious alternative to popular chains like KFC, etc.  Customers can dine-in, drive-thru, or even have favorite burgers like Charizma and Gabbar or food deals delivered to their homes.

9. Allons Burger

Giant burgers packed full of flavor, that’s Allons Burger for you. Santa Fe and the Double Beef Burger are favorites among frequent customers. Moreover, their friendly customer service earns them all the deserving brownie points! Drop by for a scrumptious, hearty meal.

10. Burger Legend

Upholding their fame is the juiciest, tastiest of burgers in a town like The Hero, The Works, Gladiator, and The Legend Burgers. Decent portion size, great-tasting fries, and everything made from scratch means you will be a returning customer here. The protein is certified halal so you don’t need to worry and just simply devour them.

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