Halal Marshmallows In Canada
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Top 10 Places To Get Halal Marshmallows In Canada

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows are a divine combination, but where to get halal marshmallows when you need them the most? We have got your back!

It’s winter and the holiday season, and nobody can say no to a hot cuppa with roasted marshmallows on top! The season calls for more bonfires in the backyard! Not just the kids, everyone finds comfort in roasting their marshmallows on the crackling fire. Hile is an extreme comfort ddrink’stopping, and we Muslims have to make sure the ingredients that make up the marshmallows are halal. It is customary for us, no doubt, and it has become our second nature almost to check all the ingredients on anything we buy).

Where Did Marshmallows Come From?

Ancient Egyptians were the first humans to enjoy the gooey, sweet treat, which is now called “Marshmallows” “in as early as 2000 BC. are named “marshmallows” “because the initial recipe used the sap from the root of the marshmallow plant.

After a new manufacturing process was invented, marshmallows made their way and got popularized in the United States in the early 1900s. It was Alex Doumak who revolutionized the process of manufacturing marshmallows in 1948. He created and patented the extrusion process that involves running the marshmallow ingredients through tubes which are then cut into equal pieces and packed into airtight plastic bags. 

In the 1950s, marshmallows became a part of various food recipes in North America. Their popularity has gotten so high that North Americans are the primary consumers of this essential delight.

As with My Ethos MaMarket’sther blogs, this blog is also put together to help you save your time in moments like when the kids are screaming at the kitchen table and you dodon’tnow where to get those halal marshmallows from. But before we dig into the list of places that offer halal marshmallows, let us guide you about the difference between regular and halal marshmallows in the first place.

What Sets Halal Marshmallows Apart?

Technically, marshmallows are a confection or a sweet. They’ve been around in this form before the mid-1800s, and most of them are manufactured with ingredients that are neither halal nor kosher and hence, go against the dietary restrictions of the two faiths.

Gelatin is used in the food industry to act as a binder or set the food as a jelly or gel form for several recipes. It is derived from pork, so any recipe that uses gelatin automatically becomes unconsumable for Muslims. W th the advancement in Science, there are now derivatives of gelatin sourced from cow proteins instead. A slight difference lets Muslims who follow the halal lifestyle enjoy the yummy snack at their pleasure.

Gelatin is so essential to the manufacturing process because it gives marshmallows that fluffy, elastic, squishy texture that we all adore. F d scientists say that when you whip together all the ingredients that make marshmallow, gelatin or its derivative is the binder between the liquid and the mixture, creating the fluffy foam while also increasing its shelf life up to 24 months.

Now that we are clear on the difference between regular marshmallows and halal ones, the following places are your best chance at getting fresh, perfectly halal marshmallows to satiate your cravings.

1. Walmart – All Stores


3. Iqbal Halal Foods – Toronto

4. The Meathead Store – Scarborough

5. The Candy Bar – Toronto

6. Um Anas – Toronto

7. Edible Pinatas – Mississauga




So there you have it. These stores and online websites stack premium quality halal marshmallows for their Muslim clientele. Net time you dondon’tve to go searching for shops or e-stores, go through our list and get your hands on a bag of pure fluffy indulgence!

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