Halal Restaurants in Mississauga
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Best 10 Halal Restaurants in Mississauga in 2022

Canada is home to one of the most variable cultures in the world. Not only that, there are millions of visitors every year from around the globe. Neighbouring the populous Toronto, Mississauga houses a wast population of minorities at its heart.

If you follow the halal lifestyle, Mississauga makes sure you don’t have to miss out on your favourite foods at all. The city houses restaurants that offer desi food, continental food, fast food, desserts, and so much more to its Muslim population all year round. Halal certification at the restaurants ensures you always end with a satisfying experience with your loved ones, co-workers or even just on your own.

Being a vast multicultural hub, it is no surprise that Mississauga has a variety of delicacies belonging to various countries. The good news for our readers is that there are multiple halal restaurants in Mississauga, and we have listed for you some of the tastiest of them in our blog today. Halal food has recently become more popular, and franchises are starting to include halal meats on their menu to increase their customers.

Let’s take a look at the best 10 halal restaurants in Mississauga now.

1. Hot and Sour

Hot and Sour offers a large range of delicious Chinese dishes at affordable prices. The alcohol-free restaurant is perfect for Muslims since all the food served here is halal. What is more attractive about Hot and Sour is that only fresh and natural ingredients are used for cooking the dishes. This place is recommended especially to tourists for its scrumptious taste.

2. Roman Zaman

This Syrian restaurant is known for its fruity decor and fruit as part of the main dishes. Pomegranate is mainly featured as a tantalizing sauce on the side, among other fruits. All the items on the menu are equally delicious and mouth-watering. Accompanied by the sauce, they become even more palatable.

3. Masala Bites

This is a halal restaurant that serves the most authentic Indian food in Mississauga city. This restaurant, Masala Bites, is located east of Mavis Road on Eglinton Avenue and is a go-to place for its fans. Aa an Indian halal restaurant, they introduce some of the best known Indian dishes to their diners, with a taste to cherish every time they think of Indian food. The restaurant offers a hefty buffet option that satisfies a hungry foodie very well. There is also a wide range of à la carte options that can be ordered off the menu.

4. Gladiators

This is a favorite burger joint among the people of Mississauga! It is every bit flavourful, filling and tempting, no matter how many items you try off the menu, you will be left craving for more every time you visit. Not only that, the friendly customer service will leave you with a memorable experience, too.

5. Thai Cuisine Experts

Visit Thai Cuisine Experts for an authentic Thai experience that is located right in the heart of the city. Thai Cuisine Experts allows its diners to celebrate the best of Thai cuisine, with halal options as the cherry on the cake. The restaurant is alcohol-free and does not contain any pork and its by-products. So, if you are craving a good bowl of halal Thai food, then Thai Cuisine Experts is the best restaurant in town.

6. Masrawy Kitchen

Masrawy is an authentic Egyptian restaurant that serves specialized food belonging to different parts of Egypt. The ambience is heartwarmingly delightful, great for romantic dinners, and they have a real area for small parties. The food, of course, tops everything and is straight-up very delicious!

7. Karahi Boys

This Pakistani restaurant has brought authentic taste here in Canada, specializing in fresh Karahi, made to order, This is one of the most delicious desi food restaurants in town.

8. Hot Plate

Hot Plate offers tantalizing meals that take no time to get read. The menu includes items like pizza, chicken wings, Indian dishes, and even gyros. Its location at on Dundas Street West along Hurontario Street is easy to access and stays closed to public transportation as well, so you get a quiet ambience to enjoy food in.

9. Galiot’s

Galiot specializes in Portuguese style chicken, and their Peri-Peri sauce is worth the hype. Don’t just take our word; give it a try!

10. The Maharaja

The Maharaja is an upscale Indian restaurant that serves delicious halal food. The stunning boutique restaurant is mainly inspired by the diverse landscape and variations of Indian taste and flavours. The dishes featured in the menu are from four major regions in India: Hyderabadi, Awadhi, Punjabi and Rajputana.

Why Does Mississauga Have So Many Halal Restaurants?

Natives here vouch for the taste, and quality restaurants are providing to their clientele as compared to other cities of Canada. This primarily is because Mississauga has the most significant competition when it comes to getting halal certification for the restaurants and their various branches. So to succeed and stay relevant in the food business, restaurants pay extra attention to upping their service, quality, portion sizes and advertising. Everything that makes a foodie.

So that’s the best 10 halal restaurants in Mississauga. Give them a try, or leave a comment if you have already dined at one or all of these places. Did we miss a trending place? Do let us know that, too!

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