Best Halal Restaurants in Ottawa

Top Best Halal Restaurants in Ottawa

Food is an everlasting respite in one’s life. To have a chance at enjoying meals with your loved ones is a blessing that we should all mindfully be thankful for. The food industry is an ever-changing sine wave, with some restaurants doing good and others not doing well. But what makes a meal memorable is the taste and hospitality that is served to you.

Best Restaurants in Ottawa, Canada

Today, we have compiled a list of such eateries that prompted their reviewers to jot down words of praise with the delicious, halal food they served to their customers. Mark them as your subsequent probable visits and buckle up for a yummy ride each time. 

Salang Kobab House

The best place in Ottawa for Afghani and Pakistani food is hands down, the Salang Kobab House. 

Packed weekends speak for their fame. Everything on the menu is always cooked to perfection and served hot, although the waiting time goes to a half-hour mark.

Whether you pick the lamb shank or go for any of the Kobab platters, the taste is divine and perfectly baked afghan naan makes every bite worth savouring.

They are recommended strongly by even one-time visitors! Their customer service is praiseworthy but do pre-order or book a seat if you are not in the mood to wait long as their dishes all take a decent amount of time to prepare.

  • Sultani Platter $18.99
  • Mixed Shami Platter $15.99
  • Half Chicken Tandoori$17.99

Les Grillades

Satisfy your Mediterranean cravings with this Lebanese restaurant. With an over 4.8 rating on Google alone, this restaurant is famous for its dishes that nail the taste every single time.

Try their Mandi, the Grilled Boneless Chicken, Bamia, Kebbe, and Grilled Sea Bass as accessible favourites. A side order of hummus with pine nuts completes the experience.

Other choices include Mix Kebab Plate, Atteh with meat, Fattoush salad, Labneh, Grape Leaves, and Grilled Halloumi Cheese. Breakfasts, brunch, lunch and dinner all are catered here. The staff is exceptionally welcoming, the ambience is cosy, and it is spacious enough for family gatherings and parties. 

  • Grilled Boneless Chicken $24.15
  • Kebbe $8.63
  • Mandi $25.30

Mezbaan Restaurant

Generous portions, fantastic taste, heartwarming ambience. What more can you ask for? Mezbaan is a relatively more minor joint in the same neighbourhood as Salang Kabob House but with a more affordable menu and a peculiar taste of its Afghan cuisine.

Try their lamb shank, and chicken tandoori,  the perfectly balanced marination will blow your mind. The appetizer has cheese garlic naan on the menu, which is a delicacy in itself.

Every meat-based dish you order from the menu has such tender meat in it that you can pull it apart with fingers. You are welcomed as a guest into the home, and their service leaves no stone unturned in turning your experience magical, just like the scenic Afghan settings!

  • Kabuli Uzbeki $13.99
  • Chapli Kebab $12.99
  • Chicken Breast Kebab $16.49

Kara Mia

A pretty, petite, sophisticated setup that serves the best steaks and kinds of pasta in the town! Whether you have planned a special night out with your significant other or if you are out for some family fun, this haven is sure to make your meal stand out.

Anyone looking for a perfect setting for an elegant meal experience has to try Kara Mia for sure! Every dish is worth trying, and the customer support staff will help if you can not decide for yourself.

Their servers are exceptionally polite and will make sure your experience is nothing short of excellent. Try their Saffron, peppercorn and green pepper steaks with juicy, succulent meat that is always cooked to the perfect temperature.

The pasta is always blanched thoroughly, and the accompanying sauces are finger-licking good. Try this restaurant on your next trip to Ottawa for a special night. 

  • Alfredo Fettuccini $16.99
  • Steak Combo – Kara Mia Special $34.99
  • Penne Piccante Rose $16.99

Bergham – Bank Street

A haven of Sandwiches! Bergham offers Ottawa’s tastiest, halal, meaty sandwiches marinated in Arabian spices and grilled to perfection. The creamy Philly cheesesteak is a familiar favourite; we also recommend the 3-cheese Chicken Sandwich (add mushrooms).

They use good quality meats, fresh bread and the dipping sauces are all extremely tasty! Every staff member prioritizes customer satisfaction, and from the moment you step in till you are on your way out, they make sure you are comfortable and are enjoying your visit.

Try this joint for a yummy fast food experience. 

  • Philly Steak Sandwich $19.99
  • Doner Sandwich with Tiramisu $18.99
  • Cabanisme Trio $18.99

Tava Kitchen

Take a trip to Turkey with breakfast and dinner here at Tava Kitchen! This welcoming place offers the best Lahmacun in the entire Ottawa, and for that alone, you have to come. There is a decent amount of items to choose from on the menu, but each item is properly cooked and served hot.

The owner is friendly and caters to your needs wholeheartedly. So the next time you are craving Turkish food, stopover at Tava chicken and have a hearty meal! 

  • Urfa Lahmacun (Beef&Onion) $6.99
  • Antep Lahmacun (Lamb&Garlic )$8.99
  • Mix Lahmacun – Turkish Meat Pie (Beef&Lamb) $3.99

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